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Sunday, October 10, 2010

halloween month eh ?

hello octoberrrrr. ;)
moreover,, today's date : 101010.
happy bday ryry. =)
bile nak blanje aku ? mane hadiah aku ? haha.

im currently in jB.
back for the weekend.
heading back to kL by noon today with sad.
rase mcm skejap je dkat cnie.
sehari je. =(
but weekend was great.

mama acted sooo differently.
tak mara pon aku tidik hidung.
siap teman beli stud baru lagiii. star shaped. =)
she cooked laksa for me just now.
and pancake for breakfast.
tmorrow nak masak sambal udang plak katenye.
haihh. semua fav2 je nie.
weee-ierd !
ade udang disebalik sambal petai kahh ?
belikan crocs baruuu lagi.

i love you,, mama.
not because of all this.
i've always loved you.
and im loving you every single moment.
you're the best mother on earth.
eventhough gadowh sometimes.
you are still number 1 !
let them say what they want,,
i dont give a fuck.
you,, bro and kak juju are all that matter.

shitt i have tons to tell.
but im soooooo sleepy.
and i guess it'll have to wait.
till then.