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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

eat. pray. love.

its been a while.
life's been hectic.
to say that i've been busy being a student,,
would be a hell of a lie.
but i have been busy.
with stuff.
went to melaka twice last week.
mndy air panas skali.
hantar nard balek skali.

paling best mase hantar nard laa.
last saturday.
lepas kitchen class,, shoo melaka.
then blek kJ,, shoot andarlus plak jmp acap.
demam teros the next day.
result of being too tired,, or shisha overdosed.
im not sure.
thank you b sbb jage sy.
and your housemates as well.
especially cika. ;)

today,, here i am in jB.
its raya,, so.
bro's not here though.

since i'll be having one last kitchen class on saturday,,
mama might be sending me tomorrow.
or i'll be going back on my own.
not sure as well.
im starting to realize,,
i am VERY bad in planning stuff.
whatever i plan never works out.
its whatever decided on the very last minute that usually go thru.
dah bnyk kali kne marah dgan arm sbb tuka2 plan.
ngeee. sorry b. awk tao sy mcm mane kan. haha.

damnit3 ! final dah dekat gle.
but tak rase ape2.
sem nie is one of the worst laa.

whatever it is.
gtg. harry porter premier in a few hours.

B,, sy rndu awk sgt !