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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this is me.

tolong jgan ckap aku lupa kawan boley ?
because that's just aint me.
aku susah ke,, aku senang ke.
tak pernah luoa mmber bhai.
kalao org tu bermakne dlam hidop aku,, aku takkan tolak tepi.
that's me.

but if you're the one who forgets about me,, than im sorry.
you called em up,, and said that u needed me.
but honey,, where where you when i needed you ?
dont blame me if i drift away.

my life revolves around my friends,, its true.
at this point of time,, friends are everything to me.
and yess,, i put friends first,, after my family.
i love my friends.
yg nanges same2,, yg ketawa same2.
yg buat bnd2 bodo same2.

but then,,
you went away,, because u have someone special in ur life.
and i respect your privacy.
kecik hati pon,, takde laa nak touching,,sygg.
its your life,, i get it.
your style are not as same as mine.

so,, im sorry i cant be there for you when you needed me.
but sy dah tawar hati.
i cherish every moment we spent together.
but,, yeah. what else can i say right.

post nie utk a few people in my life yg pernah rapat.
then korg hilang.
and then cy aku ble bosan and ble ade prob je.
sorry if aku tak reply,, tak angkat calls or tak jmpe.

i am me.
love me for me.
okay ? ;D