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Sunday, April 10, 2011

always a catch. ;)

NYAHAHA ! baru buat survey yg u dah lame buat,,boo. =P

Starting time :

Name :
farah dah laa kot. haha.

Brother(s) :
the one and only retard.=) ily bro.

Eye colour :
dark brown.

Shoe size :
6,, haha ! tipu gile.
7. geez. okay2.
9 ! puas ?!

Hair :
what about it ?
sentiase serabai.

Piercing :
a mickey stud on my nose.
got my second nose piercing ady ! =D

Height :
165cm ? ngeheh.

What are you wearing right now :
baju laa. takkan nak pakai langsir pulakk.

Where do you live :
here ! =)
there. pretty much everywhere.

Favourite number :
ooh. 7. and 11. haha.

Favourite drink :
recently,, bnyk mnom air kosong je.

Favourite month :
effember. =)

Favourite breakfast :
nasi lemak lauk sambal sotong and rendang kerang.

Have You Ever

Broken a bone :

Been in a police car :
ehh. no.

Fallen for a friend :
pfft. yea3.

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time :
ohh yess.

Swam in the ocean :
like ages ago ?

Broken someone's heart :

Cried when someone died :

Sat by phone all the night waiting for someone call :
nehh,, not really.

Saved emails :

Been cheated :
big time.


Your room look a like :
ehh. see for yourself. =)

What is right beside you :
hubby. sleepng. pfft.

What is the last thing you ate :
a big mac ? haha. okay laa. naseb tak makan mega mac tao !


Who did you last tell :
tell what ?

Who was the last person you danced with :
eva and myra. gahaha.

Who last made you smile :
hubby. =)

Final Question

What are you listening to right now :

What did you do today :
woke up. lunch. movie. theLword marathon. swimming.
dinner.cont theLword. supper(mcd). online. this !

Are you the oldest :

Indoors or outdoors :
indors,, recently.

Today Did You

Talk to someone you like :
even better,, talked to someone i love. ;)

Kiss someone :
yeah3 ! hee.

Sing :
addicted to snow on the sahara.

Talk to an ex :

Miss someone :
a few peeps.

Eat :
like bnyk kali plak.

Last Person You Talked Who

You talked on the phone to :

Made you cry :

You went to mall with :

Who cheered you up :
b jugak.

Have You

Been to Mexico :

Been to USA :


Have a crush on someone :
ehh ?

What books are you reading right now :

Best feeling in the world :
getting stoned. =D

Future kids name :
not in plan. haha.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal :

Favourite sports :
pool ?

Favourite place :
awana kijal.

Who do you really hate :
really hate huh ?
hate is a strong word,, dude. ngehe.

Do you have a job :
a daughter,, a sister and a lover,, thx.
ooh. and a student. gahaha.

What time is it now :