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Sunday, April 10, 2011

circle of friends.

kawan umpama cermin diri kita sendiri.
thats something someone once told me and i dont think i'll ever forget it.

its noticeable once you've realized it.

kalao bergaul dgan org alim,, kita pon smayang skali.
kalao bergaul dgan kaki club,, kita pon club skali.
kalao bergaul dgan kaki pool,, kita pon tonjol bola skali.
kalao bergaul dgan yg gila2,, kite terjebak juga.
kalao bergaul dgan yg hisap rokok,, kita pon smoke jugak.

but i never blame anyone.
sama ade yg baek atau buruk,, bukan salah diorg.
its all my choices.
i blame it on curiosity,, lust and desire.

now that im starting to hang more with a new bunch of people,, a new clan i can say,,
im totally a different person.
bukan nak ckap senang nak terikot2.
its just that mmg laen ow rase ble lepaq dgan org nie and org tu.

the things you want,, the things you need,,
all changes for the right or the wrong reason.

well,, im still in the search for kawan sehidup semati.
kawan susah senang. that's something i haven't been able to find.
dalam ramai2 tu.

a few bffs,, a lot of close friends,, but only ALMOST true friends.

mmg susah nak jumpa. kalao korg dah ade tu,, jage lahh baek2.
takkan ade pengganti.

friends. cant live without 'em.

i love them. and i hope in time i'll find my soulmate. not as a partner (think i've found her already)
but as a dear true friend. =)