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Saturday, August 22, 2009

finding back the spark.

hey youu.
latest update.
myself and meen got back together recently.

i think we've finally found back our spark of fire of our love.
i got over muff.
i think i do.

im crazy bout meen again.
she's the only one in the world whom i think really understands me.
above all,, she's the one who stood with me.
accepting my flaws.
loving me unconditionally.

yess,, we had our share of bad days in our relationship,,
but in the end,, we cant live without each other.

she treats me like a queen,, even after what i did to her.
how can anyone do that?

and as far as my studies.
im planning to do something bout it.
fix back what i destroyed.
i'm gonna get my life back.

the old farah is will be arriving soon.

thank you to those who helped me out.
when i was feeling down,,
ever so down.
when i was just about to give up on life.
there u were.
standing right beside me,,
pushing me,, in ur own unique way.

i'm gonna turn my life around.
everything will be owkay.

thank u God.

u shed some lights when everything was so dark.
even to a person like myself.
doing everything that im not suppose to.

im grateful.

wish me luck on brighting my future,, y'all!

xoxo,, .F.