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Saturday, September 12, 2009

that mother'F'er.

fuck off.
ohh,, just fuck it.
where do i even begin?!

she cheated.
she fucking cheated.

we were together,, and she was actually fucking around with another bitch.
yea,, that's her name.

fucking sweet and cute aint it.

aite,, i know,, they've been messaging.
meen did that because she wants to get even with me,, because i was messaging muff.
fine,, cool with me.

but then,, she said she had stopped.
she said that she passed rena to my friend,, zett.

fuck off.

she got jelous when rena started calling zett 'syg' and all.
(yess,, agree with me when i say that rena is such a cheap bitch).

she took her back.
owkay,, from then on,, everything they did was behind my back.

the best part of the story is,,
rena actually came to melacca to see her.
and i was at home,, thinking that she really went to class.
aww,, rajen nye meen g class. im so fucking proud of her.

when the truth is that,, she took her to zett's room (in the campus) and fucks her there.
she actually spent the nite there.
cn u fucking believe it?!

that was the first time they met.
the second time was 9yess,, there was a second time)
when i went back to jB.
meen said that she was going to go to her dad's.
in putrajaya.
aww. such a good daughter.

that's when zett decided to tell me.
her exact words was
"i dont think u're worth lying to,, farah".
so she spilled it out.

i,, stupidly broke down and cry.
i was by the beach that time.
swear to god,, i thought bout suicides a lot that nite.

felt like my heart was torn into a million pieces.
felt like i was stabbed.
over and over again.

to be continued.