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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my way on the highway !

heyy heyy.
back again. after so long.
yea,, im officially 20 now.

just had my birthday few days ago.

so here's the deal.

im back together with meen.

yea,, u must be wonderin how on earth did that happened.

hm. where do i begin.
she fucked up,, and so did i.
and in the end i decided that i cant live without her.
i simply refuse to let her go.
i guess its true then.
what they say.
u'll never know what u got till its gone.

i took meen for granted.
i learnt my lesson.

we're together again.
yea,, there's still fights going on every now and then
as i cant yet forgive what she did with that bitch.
but i look at it simply as the ups and downs of a relationship.

i love her too much to let her go.
i rather suffer.

we've got bigger problems to handle now.
idk how to put it.

just when i thought that we can be together peacefully again,,
well,, i dont think i can take meen home with me again.
at least not with my mom here.
she doesnt like it when i spend too much time with meen.
i guess she wants all the attention to herself.

and i cant go back to meen's house,, coz,,
truth be told,, her sister hates me.
and so does her uncle.

but what the fuck right.
im gonna do it my way.
you people dont like us being together?
guess again.

we are gonna be together !

as for my studies,, haha.
just forget about it.

till then,, i'll write again soon.