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Monday, May 31, 2010



when will this stop ?!

how do i move on if you keep coming back.


Monday, May 24, 2010

where can i find peace ?

damn man !
im supposed to be in subang already.
or at least on my way.
but,, here i am.
still in jB.

wtf is wrongggggg ?!

rase mcm x sedap ht je.
mcm tak nak balek subg.
serious rase uneasy.
packing pon mcm nak tak nak je.

whats wrong with u ?!
ure supposed to be excited !


mama pon ckap,, dah rase tak sedap tu,, tak payah rush2 nak blek.
since my instinct were mostly right.

so we're gonna take our time.
esok pon esok lahh.


dear God,,
tolong bg ketenangan cket bley ?
resah x tntu pasal nie.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fuck thee !


you can go to hell for all i care,,
i dont ever wanna hear from you again.

and FUCK YOU nur atikah !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

back in jB,,baby !
was in subang for 11 days.
eleven fuckin' amazing days !

thursday :
arrived,, hung out with nin.
dinner,, got high.
argued with nawa,,patch thigs up with nawa.
hung out with nawa,,zam,, sham,,rezal and anod (islam)
who is lookin' cuter than eva !
haha.pool and karaoke later that nite.

friday :
date with boo.;))
watched kick-ass.
makan kfc.
boo belanje new zealand ice cream !
haha. simply hung out.
super duper fun time.

saturday :
gathering with hazree,, nin and naw at subang parade.
coffee talk at coffee bean.
gossip. gossip. gossip.
then malam hung out with rezal,,nina,, anod and a junior from school.(cnt remember his name)
shisha at mus's place.
then ronda kL with rezal.
got back to subang,, hung out again till 6 am.

sunday :
woke up around 7.30am.fone call from nawa.
basketball game with naw,,nin,,hazree and aj.
dah karat dow.
cpat pancit.haha.
moral of the story,, smoke lahh bnyk2 lagiii !;D
then keluar dgn boo lagi.
haha. makan kfc lagi.

monday - friday :
bla bla bla.
the ussual stuff.hung out.
karaoke.makan tdo mndy smoke.
bla bla bla.

haha. the highlight of the week !
arrived at bukit kiara's indoor stadium sometime after 5.
police cars everywhere.
people selling tee shirts and food all around.
macam pasar malam pon ade rupe.
got thru the first gate around 6 something.
waited and waited.till the second gate opens at 7+.
people began to crowed.

so we (me,,bro,,jason,,josh and jovi) qued.
there were id check.
seemed that kids under 18 are not allowed.pfft.
and unfortunately jovi and josh are below 18.
but josh looks much older,, so his cool.
its jovi who got stopped.
and there were nothing we could do to get him in.
so bro and jason stayed behind with him.

while me and josh proceeded queing for gate 3.
(yeah,, there were LOTSA gates)

spent bout 45mins queing.
got to the front.back checking and bla3.
and so we're in !

got in the stadium.
roger shah was on.trans in not my thing.
so got a lil' bored.had a lil',, just a lil' of chivas and coke.
felt the guilty pleasure,, so i stopped.
wahaha. bangga okay !

run into joel (ex-schoolmate)
watched him and his friends rolled up some joints.
yes,, i was sane enuff to say no to weed that nite.

bro and jason said they were coming in.
jovi sold his tix,,for rm160.and went to hartamas to watch football.woohoo. go chelsea !
went inside again.
it was getting just a lil' crowded.
no more trans.clubbing songs were on.
felt like i was in a huge club with a huge crowd of peeps.and the lightings were AWESOME !
and then.

"ladies and gentleman,, for the first time ever,, mr 305,,live in malaysia ! "

there he was !suit and all.
looking fine than ever !;D

performed a few of his famous songs.
blanco,, shut it down,,hotel room,, i know you want me.and some of his latin tracks.
and of course,,yess, there was an encore for him !

damnit ! i <3 pitbull.and definitely worth the tix.;)

after that was benny benassi.stayed for his single 'satisfaction'.
then got bored and went outside.
bought some non-alcoholic drinks.haha.
was damn tired.
took a few pix.
and got inside again.

lisa,,sumthing,, (the lady dj) was on.
boleyh laa layan. cute mix.but was as tired as hell.
so went to hartamas and joined jovi.shishaa.damnit.
sape yg ckap shisha dkat hartamas tu sdap mmmg tipu semata2 !
mahal je lbey.
but whateverr.haha.

in the nutshell lahh.
the concert was great.
pitbull's that is.considering i didnt pay the normal price for the tix.
it was okayy.but for those who bought the tix from ticket access.
especially yg bli vip passes tuu.
would surely complaint.haha.

so there it is.
pitbull live in malaysia.
my first concert ever.(excluding the giggs i went.)
hopefully its not the last.haha.
bile laa paramore nak dtg msia plak kann.
30stm ke.

and here i am.
back in jB.arrived last nite,,around midnite.
was exhausted !
but all for the right reasons.hee.
would have to go back soon.to kl that is.
25th would be the registration day for unitar.
damn nervous.
and excited. all mixed up lahh.
but definitely thrilling.hee.
wish me luck yaww !

might be going back by the 23rd.
but im not sure yet.
23rd ?
haha.happy bday mier ! ;)
welcome to the 20s !

ohh,,and meen texted me today.
look,, im sorry for what happened.
and i sure as hell miss you.and i hope kamu bnyk la sabarr okay.
everything will be okayy. you'll see.
i'll be here whenever u need someone to talk to aite.

so that's about it for now.
peace out. (tryin to be a lil' bit of a hippie these days.hee)
p/s : booboo. imysm ! ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Q and A !

Fav famous couple :
ellen degeneres and portia de rossi !<33 !
ohh,, and demi moore and ashton kutcher. ;)

Fav characteristic of yourself :
my confidence.

Childhood ambition :
haha.to be a doctor. pfft.

What makes you cry :
sad movies.especially with family values.

What makes you sad :
arguing with friends or family.which really stress me out.
and the thought of her.

What did you learn today :
true friend is hard to find.

The last book you read :
the desprate diary of a country housewife.haha.

Fav word :the F word ?

Fav motto :
life's too short to take too seriously.

Fav sound :
music !;D

What would be the title of your autobiography :
"love is a four letter word - F."hehe.

Fav virtue :

Best childhood memory :
haha.panjat2 pokok with bro,,johan and adam.
aww,, i miss that momment. ;(

What makes you laugh :
jeff dunham's show.X)

Finish the sentence :

Happiness is :
a stable life and positive thinking ?

Love is :
a feeling that comes from heart and uncondittional.pfft.

Somewhere :
over the rainbow is one of my fav song !;D

I would never :
forget what you've done for me,, so i wanna say thank you. ;)

I will always :
be there for you the way u've been there for me.

I love :

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

never look back.

i cant say today is the worst day ever.
but it is one of those days that i just dont love.

everything seemed wrong.
everyone keeps pissing me off.
traffic was like hell.
i was grumpy all day long.

untill about 9pm just now.
took a nap and everything got better.

pfft. wtf is going on.
i thought about u and it spoils my whole day.
terbaek lah weyy.

u told me that u broke up wioth sue.
ive really got no comment on it lahh.

and then about unitar.
went there this afternoon.

i get butterflies all of the sudden.
25th is coming really soon !
am i really ready ?
damn it.

and then of course.
driving here and there.
damn tiring weyhh !
1 thing i hate bout kL nie.
jam nye.
pergh. mencabar kesabaran betol.

and fuck ya'll crazy drivers.
suke hati korg je nak potong2 line.
xreti drive xpayah drive la weyh !

lemme see.
what's next.
korg2 plak.
kalao aku xdapat nak lepaq tu,, sorry laa.
xperlu laa nak ckap aku kerek ke ape ke.
penat dow.

idk laa.
tensed je lately nie.
apesal laaaaaa.